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Ranna's is cutting edge art work that has been exhibited in the USA, Japan, Europe, and Australia, including the Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C. and America Haus, Munich. See also and . Previously, Ranna has also fostered the work of other local and international artists through her Stephens City gallery, including collections of art by Australian Aboriginal people and paintings by Madhubani village women of Bihar, India.


Image - Ranna Artwork  2015

Ranna's ongoing Snoga series, 2009 - 2022. © Ranna®.



Ranna's Spirit Lines art works (© Ranna®, mixed media on canvas, 60" x 48") give shimmering, light-laden form to Verses in "One Hundred Poems of Kabir" (translated by Tagore, R., & assisted by Underhill, E., MacMillan & Co., 1915). Kabir, 1440-1518, was a mystic and poet of India, revered equally by Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims.





At the Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C.

Ranna® and one of her new works,
World View from the Sixth Dimension.
mixed and refractive media on canvas, 135" x 60".
As shown at the Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C.


Ranna® with her work in the exhibition space at the Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C..

Work by Ranna® exhibited at any location is provided by Ranna® Arts Incorporated (LLC).



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